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Staking on Cardano

The Cardano Approach to Staking

Cardano, with its proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism, introduces a distinct approach to staking, setting it apart from other blockchain networks:
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    ADA holders don't need to run their own nodes. Instead, they can delegate their ADA to a stake pool (like Robot). This delegation allows the stake pool to act on behalf of the ADA holder in network operations, such as block production.
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    Delegating ADA is a secure process. Your ADA always remains in your control and is never transferred to the stake pool. Instead, it's simply earmarked in the network to be part of a specific pool's staking power.
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    Stake Pools
    These are nodes that run the Cardano network, validated and fortified by the amount of ADA delegated to them. The more ADA a stake pool has, the more likely it is to be chosen to validate transactions and produce new blocks.