Staking with [ROBOT]

Everything you want to know about staking with [ROBOT] stake pool.

What is the Stake with [ROBOT] pool?

The "Stake with [ROBOT]" pool, with the ROBOT as its ticker, is a poll run by professionals who have been with Cardano since its inception. Beyond contributing to the Cardano ecosystem via dependable node operations, we are committed to educating the community about the ins and outs of Cardano, and evangelizing its many benefits to a broader audience.

What is the [ROBOT] pool's performance rate?

Despite being fairly new, our pool boasts a high rating on, reflecting our state-of-the-art infrastructure designed for optimal performance.

What fees does the [ROBOT] pool charge?

We operate with a zero margin and have no hidden fees that come out of your rewards. The only set reward reserved for pool operators is the base 340 ADA, which goes into maintaining and improving the pool's operation. We operate with a low margin fee of just 1%—significantly lower than many other pools. This minimal fee structure is designed to ensure that our delegators retain the vast majority of their staking rewards while still enabling us to sustain a high-performing and secure staking service.

How often does the [ROBOT] pool distribute rewards?

Rewards distribution isn't something we control directly. The Cardano protocol autonomously handles the reward distribution process. At the conclusion of every epoch, the protocol ensures that rewards are disbursed appropriately to all delegators.

What is the pledge amount for the [ROBOT] pool?

For the most up-to-date pledge information, we recommend looking up [ROBOT] on We adjust our pledge as our community of delegators grows. This ensures that we continue to align our interests with those of our supporters and the wider Cardano network.

What infrastructure does the [ROBOT] pool use?

The infrastructure behind the [ROBOT] pool is robust, cloud-based, and crafted to be fail-safe. Hosted on the renowned Google Cloud Platform, we ensure that our pool provides both a secure environment and unparalleled uptime. The redundancy and safety measures provided by the Google Cloud Platform amplify our pool's reliability.

How can I track the performance of the [ROBOT] pool?

The most comprehensive way to gauge our pool's performance metrics is through By searching for the ROBOT pool, you can access a range of data points that give insights into our operational history, current metrics, and more.

Are there any community or educational initiatives supported by the [ROBOT] pool?

Yes, we are deeply committed to the Cardano community. You can connect with us and our community on X, our handle is @stakewithrobot. We've also curated this knowledge base, and we're avid content creators, producing educational videos for YouTube. Our mission goes beyond staking; it's about enlightening and growing the Cardano community.

How can I get in touch with the [ROBOT] pool operators?

We believe in maintaining an open channel with our community. For interactions and updates, the best platform is Twitter/X. Reach out to us @stakewithrobot, and we'll be more than happy to engage.

Has the [ROBOT] pool ever faced any downtime or security issues?

We prioritize the security and continuous operation of our pool above all. Our technical experience, processes, and infrastructure designed with an emphasis on security and performance, ensure our delegators can trust in our pool's resilience.

Why should I Stake with [ROBOT]?

By aligning with [ROBOT], you're not just choosing a staking pool; you're becoming part of a vision. We stand out as a top-performing and dependable stake pool in the Cardano network. More than that, by delegating to us, you support our ongoing initiatives to evangelize Cardano, share its potential with the world, and educate new members of the community.

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